8 Sneaky Ways to Get Your Kiddo Writing

Do you want to get your kiddo writing at home?  Maybe you want to reinforce skills from school or need a quiet-time activity at home.  Writing is a great activity for filling wait time at restaurants or during travel.


Some kiddos dread the thought of writing.  They’ll do anything to avoid it.  Here are nine sneaky ways to get your kiddo writing NOW.


1. Grocery list

Ask your hungry guy or gal to write down desired snacks for your next grocery run.  Worried this will lead to Twinkies and Cheetos? Put a little thought into it ahead of time to write down categories.  Try a fruit, veggie, and junk food category. Don’t accept the list until the fruits and veggies outnumber the junk.  Throw in a math challenge by giving a budget.  Your kiddo can probably go online to look up prices from your favorite grocery store


2. Email

Send an email to a trusted friend or family member.


3. Card

 Make or buy a card for a special occasion or just because.  


4. Text Conversation

Encourage texting with a close adult friend or family member.  Bonus points if you convince the child that the receiver doesn’t understand abbreviations and text talk: All words need to be written out. Ask the other grown-up to help reinforce that by playing dumb.


5. Comic

Drawing is writing and thinking.  Think about ancient hieroglyphics and modern picture-based languages.  There are now novels spanning hundreds of pages that are almost entirely pictures.  Encourage your kiddos to express and develop their ideas in comic form. If you definitely want to see words and sentences, add the expectation of a speech bubble or caption.


6. Gift list

 In our world of kid-targeted marketing, you must hear an endless chorus of “Can I have this?” or “I want that!”  Ask your child to maintain a written wish list of items or experiences. For extra writing, ask for a why.


7. Calendar

Calendar/schedule: Two for the price of one! Filling out a calendar with upcoming activities will not only practice writing, but also help your kiddo develop organization skills.  Bonus points for trying e-calendars: We want to model meaningful, productive use of technology, not only use for entertainment.


8. Take out order

Ordering take out?  Ask your kiddo to collect each family member’s order and write it down. Now you’ll have a handy reference sheet before you make the call.