Parents, Building Blocks Education is here for you and your children.



Have you ever:

  • Thought your child is full of potential but wasn’t “getting it” in school?
  • Been frustrated that teachers don’t “get” your child?
  • Wondered how to support your child’s organization and academics?


If you’ve asked yourself just one of those questions, then BBE is here to help you.

Carrie Paxton Herzberger started Building Blocks Education with a dual mission: to provide programming not typically available during the school day AND offer support for engaging the family in the learning process.

Building Blocks Education creates opportunities for you and your child to Learn Something Different.

Carrie understands the benefits and limitations of brick-and-mortar school buildings that must abide by standards and policies of governing agencies.  Here at Building Blocks Education, I don’t conform to a higher authority. I’ll show you when and where I use Common Core State Standards, but ultimately, I focus on creating high-quality learning experiences customized for my students and parents. 

BBE promises to create rigorous, technology-integrated support focused on your child’s success.  

The only higher authority is you, the parents!  I’m committed to creating the learning experiences you want for your children and the support you need.

Learn Something Different by checking out Carrie’s articles, pose a question of your own, or get started working with Carrie.